Every few years, I come back to this great video.  The premise is how to truly start a movement in your organization - how to take a great idea and get momentum with it.

Let's be honest though.  Most of us will watch this video and think, "Wow, that's great! So simple".  But that will be it.

If you play a role in change management or recruitment for your organization, have you considered where you have lone nuts and first followers?  Have you considered where you have gaps?

I've worked with lots of organizations that want to change.  They often bring in a new executive team or an army of consultants full of great ideas.  But as their journey unfolds, I start to hear things like "We just can't get any traction!" or "I'm tired of hearing 'but that's how we've always done it'".  If you're hearing those things, you may be missing your First Followers, either within your organization or the stakeholders that surround you.