October 16th is election day for municipalities and school boards across Alberta and campaign signs are popping up everywhere. But what are the rules around signage and where do you find them? 

Local elections in Alberta are governed by the Local Authorities Election Act which makes it an offence, subject to a fine of up to $500, for anyone to display or distribute campaign materials in and around a voting station on election day. Beyond that the Act is notably silent on election signage. 

Candidates and electors seeking the rules of engagement on signage need to look to local bylaws and policies governing their municipality or school district. In addition to election-specific policies and bylaws, rules relating to campaign signage may fall under one or more of the following: a Land Use Bylaw, Traffic Bylaw, Parks Bylaw or Community Standards Bylaw. In addition to local rules, signs adjacent to provincial highways may also be subject to Alberta Transportation regulations.

Simple right?