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When justice is too expensive

Unfortunately, I have had to deliver the news that pursuing justice is just too expensive.  I've had to say it from my desk, but I usually have to say when I cover the firm's duty counsel shifts at the Courthouse.  

I've also had to tell people that they can seek justice, but not until 2021, which is likely the next available trial date in Alberta.  Changing my billing structure is not going to change the availability of Court time.

As a society, we need to make some changes to our justice system and to our civil justice system in particular.  We need more judges and more technology.  We need frivolous lawsuits to be nipped early to free up resources for actions that need more attention.  These are expensive investments for our Courts, but something has to be done so justice can be more readily available for smaller contractual disputes.

Although the legal community needs to be driving the train for change, it cannot solve the problem alone. The lack of public pressure translates into government inaction. Said otherwise, the government doesn't care because you don't. But you should care because, one day, you may need to rely on a perfectly drafted contract that is, practically speaking, unenforceable.


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