Back on February 27, 2017 the Alberta Government announced the creation of a $36 million rebate program for solar installation on residential and commercial buildings under the Residential and Commercial Solar Program. This created program follows the Alberta government’s recent targeted initiatives under the Municipal Solar Program and the On-Farm Solar Program. 

There is now a growing trend of the Alberta government promoting green energy, in this case potentially making grant funds available to a substantial group of Albertans.

The expansion of the Micro-Generation Regulation, coupled with available grant funding under the Residential and Commercial Solar Program, makes the conversion to solar energy attractive to a larger group of Albertans. Solar energy now will work for a greater number of site configurations and demand levels and the grant rebates available to individuals, businesses, and non-profits will reduce the upfront capital costs involved in converting to solar energy.  

It seems industry is also pushing for more affordable ways to harness renewable energy, as an example Tesla's Solar Roof panels are now available for order in Canada, and although the current price is around $42 USD per square foot, which on a strictly economic basis (and without factoring in potential government grants, alleged longevity of the product, and social sustainability considerations) might not make sense for some Albertans, we are only at the beginning of a burgeoning industry that will surely provide products cheaper and better as the years roll on.

What this all means is that change is coming, whether we like it or not, and perhaps it is time for Albertans to engage in the conversation of renewable energy and its future in this Province.