Academics are exploring ways on how robotics and artificial intelligence may be able to replace lawyers and judges in the future to help expedite the legal process. 

Is this the future of our legal system? Is the answer to ensuring access to justice simply to replace all lawyers and the judiciary with robots? (I'm sure there is a good lawyer joke in there.)

Lawyers play a valuable role in advocating the interests of their clients in many venues and situations - not just the court system - particularly when the stakes are very serious and significant for a client.  For this reason, I for one do not believe that robots are either a threat to the legal profession or a solution to effective legal reform. Or maybe I am just being naive and the Skynet of the legal system and profession will be our future (and if so, who will be our Arnold Schwarzenegger coming to save this respected profession?).

What are your thoughts on whether AI and robotics can play a role in the legal system?  Send me a tweet (@foipguru) or comment on LinkedIn.