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Is Your Municipality Ready? Upcoming MGA Deadlines and How to Comply

In order to comply with recent changes to the Municipal Government Act, municipalities in Alberta should be considering their obligations for Regional Collaboration and Public Participation at this time. 

Specifically, did you know that every municipality in Alberta must have a public participation policy in place by July 23, 2018? Have you started yours and will it be ready by the mandated deadline?

Further, did you know that municipalities must have an Intermunicipal Collaboration Framework (ICF) with each neighbour by April 1, 2020?  Various issues could arise when preparing an ICF, so the sooner you begin this process the better. 

For further information about these documents and other upcoming deadlines, please see Brownlee's presentation entitled Getting Engaged - Regional Collaboration and Public Participationwhich was presented at the recent Society of Local Government Managers "Kananaskis Mountain Refresher", or contact a member of Brownlee's Municipal Team. 


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