Yesterday, both BMO and Simplii announced their systems had been infiltrated by rogues.  Between them, they estimate the data of 90,000 customers may have been accessed.

Take away:  If you are a customer of BMO or Simplii, check recent Interact transfers to ensure the email address is correct.

CBC News is reporting that BMO was advised of the attack by the attackers themselves.  The attackers also wrote to the media to state they are demanding $1,000,000 ransom from the banks to keep their data safe.

People are reporting that money was transferred from accounts.  The money seems to be transferred to pre-approved Interact recipients, with an amended email address.  Therefore, at first glance, it seems all is well, but the recipient's email address may have been changed.

Both banks responded promptly and report confidence in their additional online security measures.  They are asking customers who notice unusual activity to contact them.