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Important New Alberta Employment Rules for COVID-19

Update as of Wednesday March 18:  This original Brownlee article was posted on March 15th and cited the wording on the 14 day leave at that time posted on the alberta .ca website.  On or about March 18th the published information on this leave was changed such that it is unpaid leave and can be found at

Job-protected leave Changes to the Employment Standards Code will allow full and part-time employees to take 14 days of job-protected leave if they are: required to self-isolate caring for a child or dependent adult that is required to self-isolate To be eligible, employees: will not be required to have a medical note do not need to have worked for an employer for 90 days This leave covers the 14-day self-isolation period recommended by Alberta’s chief medical officer. This leave may be extended if the advice of the chief medical officer changes. The leave does not apply to self-employed individuals or contractors.


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